Lord of the Rings new movies are in the planning at Warner Bros.

After everything was said and done, Warner Bros. earned more than $6 billion from Peter Jackson's two trilogies based on JRR Tolkien's writing. Hence, it may not come as a huge surprise to learn that parent company Warner Bros. Discovery has struck a pact to produce new motion pictures.

These next movies will not be part of The Lord of the Rings: The Battle of the Rohirrim, the animated account of the famed House of Helm Hammerhand in Rohan. On April 12, 2019, that one is already scheduled to hit the big screen.

Lord of the Rings new movies are in the planning at Warner Bros.

There are obviously no indications as to where the new films might draw from, but we'd hope the studio doesn't attempt to tread the same old territory. The news was just announced by WBD CEO David Zaslav during an investors' call. (The Second Age is probably off-limits as a result of the high-budget TV shows on Prime Video.)

There is no word yet on whether Philippa Boyens, Fran Walsh, or Jackson will participate, but they have stated that Warner Brothers and Embracer "have kept us in the loop every step of the road." We are forward to talking with them further and learning about their future plans for the business.

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