The Flash Film Will Restart The DC Universe Confirms James Gunn

Among the news that James Gunn has been cooking up a new slate for DC Studios – presently officially titled the DCU – there have been questions about how exactly his plans will align with the previous decade of DC movies, and what it means for the long-gestating projects finally hitting our screens this year. Presently, we have a few answers.

In his video explaining the first slate he’s concocted with maker Peter Safran, Gunn has spoken about how it’s all going to work – and it appears to be the much-delayed The Flash movie will be vital to closing out the old era and kicking off the new.

In his spiel, Gunn says that The Flash, directed by Andy Muschietti and due for release this June after a lot of setbacks, “resets the entire DC Universe”.

The Flash Film Will Restart The DC Universe Confirms James Gunn

That’s not a total shock, given the reality-bending Flashpoint storyline is supposed to be a major part of the movie, however, it’s interesting to hear that there will at least be some narrative thread that interfaces the previous Zack Snyder era of DC movies with the upcoming Gods And Monsters plan.

Gunn also named The Flash “a fantastic movie that I really love”, and claimed that the four DC movies arriving this year – Shazam! Anger Of The Gods, The Flash, Blue Bug and Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom – will dovetail right into his and Safran’s slate.

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