Black Shark 3 With 7.1 inch QHD+ 90Hz Display & Snapdragon 865 With 12GB RAM Announced - Reupdated

Black Shark 3 With 7.1 inch QHD+ 90Hz Display & Snapdragon 865 With 12GB RAM Announced - Reupdated

Black Shark 3 With 7.1 inch QHD+ 90Hz Display & Snapdragon 865 With 12GB RAM Announced

BlackShark the Xiaomi’s Subsidiary company has just announced the Black Shark 3 Pro and Black Shark smartphones in china, The Blackshark 3 comes with a 6.67 inch Full HD+ display whereas the Black Shark 3 Pro has 7.1 inch Quad Hd+ display. Both these displays have 90Hz Refresh rate and 270Hz Sampling rate which is in itself is a world record. Both Phone’s displays are also HDR 10+ certified and has 500 nits+ brightness.

Both models are powered by same Snapdragon 865 CPU based on Qualcomm’s new 7nm technology coupled with Adreno 650 GPU. In storage compartment these smartphones come with 8GB/12GB LPDDR5 RAM with 128GB/256GB (UFS 3.0) internal storage respectively.

In camera part these phones are powered by 64MP rear camera with f/1.8 aperture, LED flash, 13MP 120° ultra wide sensor with f/2.25 sensor, 5MP camera with f/2.2 aperture and a 20MP front-facing camera with f/2.2 aperture. Also there is an in display optical fingerprint sensor.

The phone has large gaming triggers with 1.5mm key stroke, 1 million key lifespan, 300,000 lifting span, features independent lifting control with zero delay and accidental touch prevention so it doesn’t get activated when you are not gaming since it has self-locking feature to ensure ultra-high stability of the buttons and has drop recovery, says the company.

Black Shark 3 is priced at $502 for 8GB variant and $550 for 12GB with 128GB storage variant. whereas the 12GB with 256GB storage variant is priced at $574.

Now coming to the pricing of Black Shark 3 Pro, the base variant which has 8GB RAM and 256GB storage retails at $674 whereas 12GB RAM with 256GB storage variant is priced at $718. These smartphones will go on sale in china from 10th March and there is no word about its availability in India.

How to Pre-Order the Surface Duo 2 and Surface Pro 8 from Microsoft - Reupdated

How to Pre-Order the Surface Duo 2 and Surface Pro 8 from Microsoft - Reupdated

How to Pre-Order the Surface Duo 2 and Surface Pro 8 from Microsoft
Plus the rest of the gadgets Microsoft announced this morning.
Microsoft announced a deluge of new Surface gadgets today and most of them are already available for pre-order. Key among them are the Surface Duo 2, Microsoft's second-gen version of its dual-screen, tablet-smartphone hybrid that now has a formidable triple-camera array, and the Surface Pro 8, a powerful update to the Pro 7 that adds 11th-gen Intel processors, a 13-inch screen with Dolby Vision and Thunderbolt 4 ports. Plus, you can also pre-order the high-powered Surface Laptop Studio, the updated (yet still affordable) Surface Laptop Go 3 and a Wi-Fi only Surface Pro X. Here's how to pre-order all of the gadgets Microsoft announced today.

Suface Duo 2

The Surface Duo 2 folding smartphone is available for pre-order today and starts at $1,499. It will be widely available October 21 in Australia, Canada, Germany, France, the UK and the United States.

The new Surface Duo 2 features the same flip design as last year's device, with two 5.8-inch AMOLED PixelSense touchscreens connected by a hinge. They support 90Hz refresh rates, HDR, P3 color and up to 800 nits of brightness. The smartphone runs on the Snapdragon 888 5G Mobile platform and now supports 5G connectivity.

Microsoft upped the Surface Duo 2's camera game replacing the single shooter on the original Duo with a triple-lens system. Now it has a 12MP wide angle lens, a 12MP telephoto shooter and a 16GB ultra wide lens on the rear and a separate 12MP camera on the front. One of our biggest problems with the first Duo was how hard it was to take quick photos, so we're eager to see if Microsoft's improvements this time around have fixed that.

The Surface Duo 2 also supports NFC for contactless payments, WiFi 6, biometric authentication with a fingerprint sensor, fast-charging via USB-C and more. It'll come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB models and all will have 8GB of RAM.

Surface Pro 8

The Surface Pro 8 2-in-1 is available for pre-order today and starts at $1,099. The new Surface Slim Pen 2 is also available for pre-order today and costs $129.

Running Windows 11, the new Surface Pro 8 improves upon most things that made the Pro 7 great. The 2-in-1 now supports 11th-gen Intel Evo processors, is two times faster than its predecessor and gained supported for external GPUs. The screen is a bit larger and brighter, too — it's a 13-inch PixelSense panel with Dolby Vision that can reach 120Hz refresh rates, and it has a new 5MP front-facing camera on top of it that should provide a clearer feed during video calls. There's also a 10MP rear camera with autofocus that's capable of shooting 4K video. As far as connectivity goes, the Surface Pro 6 supports WiFi 6 and LTE, and has two Thunderbolt 4 ports, a power connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Along with an array of Intel processors, the Surface Pro 8 supports up to 32GB of RAM and up to 1TB of storage. However, only the 128GB and 256GB models are available with LTE connectivity — the 512GB and 1TB versions are WiFi-only. It also works with the new $129 Surface Slim Pen 2 and its Signature Keyboard has a space for the pen to magnetically connect for easier storage.

Surface Laptop Studio

The Surface Laptop Studio is available for pre-order today and starts at $1,599. It will be available in stores in the US and Canada starting October 5.

Microsoft built the Surface Laptop Studio with power users and creatives in mind. It has a noteworthy design featuring a "Dynamic Woven Hinge" that lets you pull the screen forward into "Stage" mode, which the company claims gives you a better angle for streaming, gaming and presenting. The machine also works in standard Laptop mode and "Studio" mode, the latter of which is best for sketching.

The screen itself is a 14.4-inch, 2,400 x 1,600 PixelSense panel that can reach 120Hz refresh rates and supports the Slim Pen 2. That accessory also has its own home on the underside of the Laptop Studio, where it neatly and magnetically attaches. There are also quad speakers with Dolby Atmos, a 1080p front-facing camera and a new Precision Haptic touchpad that provides feedback while you use it. Similarly to the Surface Pro 8, the Laptop Studio has two Thunderbolt 4 ports, one power connector and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

When it comes to performance, the Laptop Studio packs a punch. It supports 11th-gen Intel H-series processor along with Intel Xe graphics and even NVIDIA RTX 3050Ti graphics in select models. It'll have up to 32GB of RAM inside and up to 2TB of storage.

Surface Go 3

The WiFi-only Surface Go 3 is available for pre-order today and starts at $399. It will be widely available starting October 5. LTE models are forthcoming in December 2021.

Microsoft's most affordable Surface device is getting a power boost. The new Surface Go 3 supports up to Intel Core i3 processors now, and those models will be 60 percent faster than previous versions. It has a 10.5-inch FHD touchscreen, stereo speakers with Dolby Audio, 1080p front- and rear cameras and support for Type Covers and the Surface Pen. The edges of the device have one USB-C port, one power connector, a microSD card slot, a nano SIM slot and a headphone jack. In addition to the new Intel processors, the Go 3 runs on up to 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.

Surface Pro X

The WiFi-only Surface Pro X is available for pre-order today and starts at $899.

The Surface Pro X isn't getting a big refresh or an upgraded model like some of Microsoft's other gadgets. Instead, the company introduced a new WiFi-only model at a lower price point — only $899. It will run Windows 11 on ARM and will include 64-bit emulation built in. The machine runs on an SQ2 processor, along with up to 16GB of RAM and up to 512GB of storage. The new detachable keyboard will also have a slot for the new Slim Pen 2.

Follow all of the news from Microsoft's fall Surface event right here.

TATA IPL Schedule 2022

TATA IPL Schedule 2022

The wait for IPL fans is finally over. The BCCI published the IPL 2022 schedule today, March 6, 2022. The IPL 2022 Schedule TATA inaugural match will be placed at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai on March 26, 2022, between Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight Riders.

TATA IPL 2022 Schedule

TATA IPL 2022 Schedule

Match No.MatchVenueDayDateTime (IST)
1CSK vs KKRWankhede StadiumSaturdayMarch 26, 202207:30:00 PM
2DC vs MIBrabourne – CCISundayMarch 27, 202203:30:00 PM
3PBKS vs RCBDY Patil StadiumSundayMarch 27, 202207:30:00 PM
4GT vs LSGWankhede StadiumMondayMarch 28, 202207:30:00 PM
5SRH vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneTuesdayMarch 29, 202207:30:00 PM
6RCB vs KKRDY Patil StadiumWednesdayMarch 30, 202207:30:00 PM
7LSG vs CSKBrabourne – CCIThursdayMarch 31, 202207:30:00 PM
8KKR vs PBKSWankhede StadiumFridayApril 1, 202207:30:00 PM
9MI vs RRDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 2, 202203:30:00 PM
10GT vs DCMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayApril 2, 202207:30:00 PM
11CSK vs PBKSBrabourne – CCISundayApril 3, 202207:30:00 PM
12SRH vs LSGDY Patil StadiumMondayApril 4, 202207:30:00 PM
13RR vs RCBWankhede StadiumTuesdayApril 5, 202207:30:00 PM
14KKR vs MIMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayApril 6, 202207:30:00 PM
15LSG vs DCDY Patil StadiumThursdayApril 7, 202207:30:00 PM
16PBKS vs GTBrabourne – CCIFridayApril 8, 202207:30:00 PM
17CSK vs SRHDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 9, 202203:30:00 PM
18RCB vs MIMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayApril 9, 202207:30:00 PM
19KKR vs DCBrabourne – CCISundayApril 10, 202203:30:00 PM
20RR vs LSGWankhede StadiumSundayApril 10, 202207:30:00 PM
21SRH vs GTDY Patil StadiumMondayApril 11, 202207:30:00 PM
22CSK vs RCBDY Patil StadiumTuesdayApril 12, 202207:30:00 PM
23MI vs PBKSMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayApril 13, 202207:30:00 PM
24RR vs GTDY Patil StadiumThursdayApril 14, 202207:30:00 PM
25SRH vs KKRBrabourne – CCIFridayApril 15, 202207:30:00 PM
26MI vs LSGBrabourne – CCISaturdayApril 16, 202203:30:00 PM
27DC vs RCBWankhede StadiumSaturdayApril 16, 202207:30:00 PM
28PBKS vs SRHBrabourne – CCISundayApril 17, 202203:30:00 PM
29GT vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneSundayApril 17, 202207:30:00 PM
30RR vs KKRBrabourne – CCIMondayApril 18, 202207:30:00 PM
31LSG vs RCBDY Patil StadiumTuesdayApril 19, 202207:30:00 PM
32DC vs PBKSMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayApril 20, 202207:30:00 PM
33MI vs CSKDY Patil StadiumThursdayApril 21, 202207:30:00 PM
34DC vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneFridayApril 22, 202207:30:00 PM
35KKR vs GJDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 23, 202203:30:00 PM
36RCB vs SRHBrabourne – CCISaturdayApril 23, 202207:30:00 PM
37LSG vs MIWankhede StadiumSundayApril 24, 202207:30:00 PM
38PBKS vs CSKWankhede StadiumMondayApril 25, 202207:30:00 PM
39RCB vs RRMCA Stadium, PuneTuesdayApril 26, 202207:30:00 PM
40GT vs SRHWankhede StadiumWednesdayApril 27, 202207:30:00 PM
41DC vs KKRWankhede StadiumThursdayApril 28, 202207:30:00 PM
42PBKS vs LSGMCA Stadium, PuneFridayApril 29, 202207:30:00 PM
43GT vs RCBBrabourne – CCISaturdayApril 30, 202203:30:00 PM
44RR vs MIDY Patil StadiumSaturdayApril 30, 202207:30:00 PM
45DC vs LSGWankhede StadiumSundayMay 1, 202203:30:00 PM
46SRH vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneSundayMay 1, 202207:30:00 PM
47KKR vs RRWankhede StadiumMondayMay 2, 202207:30:00 PM
48GT vs PBKSDY Patil StadiumTuesdayMay 3, 202207:30:00 PM
49RCB vs CSKMCA Stadium, PuneWednesdayMay 4, 202207:30:00 PM
50DC vs SRHBrabourne – CCIThursdayMay 5, 202207:30:00 PM
51GT vs MIBrabourne – CCIFridayMay 6, 202207:30:00 PM
52PBKS vs RRWankhede StadiumSaturdayMay 7, 202203:30:00 PM
53LSG vs KKRMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayMay 7, 202203:30:00 PM
54SRH vs RCBWankhede StadiumSundayMay 8, 202203:30:00 PM
55CSK vs DCDY Patil StadiumSundayMay 8, 202203:30:00 PM
56MI vs KKRDY Patil StadiumMondayMay 9, 202207:30:00 PM
57LSG vs GTMCA Stadium, PuneTuesdayMay 10, 202207:30:00 PM
58RR vs DCDY Patil StadiumWednesdayMay 11, 202207:30:00 PM
59CSK vs MIWankhede StadiumThursdayMay 12, 202207:30:00 PM
60RCB vs PBKSBrabourne – CCIFridayMay 13, 202207:30:00 PM
61KKR vs SRHMCA Stadium, PuneSaturdayMay 14, 202207:30:00 PM
62CSK vs GTWankhede StadiumSundayMay 15, 202203:30:00 PM
63LSG vs RRBrabourne – CCISundayMay 15, 202207:30:00 PM
64PBKS vs DCDY Patil StadiumMondayMay 16, 202207:30:00 PM
65MI vs SRHWankhede StadiumTuesdayMay 17, 202207:30:00 PM
66KKR vs LSGDY Patil StadiumWednesdayMay 18, 202207:30:00 PM
67RCB vs GTWankhede StadiumThursdayMay 19, 202207:30:00 PM
68RR vs CSKBrabourne – CCIFridayMay 20, 202207:30:00 PM
69MI vs DCWankhede StadiumSaturdayMay 21, 202207:30:00 PM
70SRH vs PBKSWankhede StadiumSundayMay 22, 202207:30:00 PM

IPL Table Source: Blog Voter